Vaginas make us superwomen. From stunning delight to mind-f*cking torment, a vagina obliges everything. Furthermore, what’s more shocking than it’s adaptability to permit an individual to go through it?

We should discuss this marvelous miracle of a lady’s life structures, a.k.a. THE VAGINA


Sadly, India has never had that ‘sex-talk’ it frantically needs. We gleaned tons of useful knowledge of subjects in schools, however sex training was not one. ‘We’ll take credits for Kama Sutra, however we won’t discuss it’ is the incongruity we live in. There’s a damnation parcel of hush-hush and disgrace around ladies’ conceptive wellbeing. Individuals simply won’t discuss it.

What’s more, in such a setting, confusions are conceived. Numerous men are ignorant regarding ladies’ bodies. Indeed, even a few ladies are ignorant about their own body life structures or have contorted information about the equivalent. It’s time we change that.

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  1. Your vagina gets really free in the event that you have parcel of sex.
    This legend is so well known and absurd. Our vagina is flexible. It’s exceptionally obliging and friendly. It extends normally during sex or labor. In any case, it won’t remain the equivalent until the end of time. It will get back to its unique height, fret don’t as well. Nonetheless, it can remiss a piece with maturing and labor. In any case, that is not the least bit connected with the times we engage in sexual relations.
Vagina is strong

2. You pee out of your vagina. No, there’s urethra for that.
There are three openings ‘down there,’ i.e., urethra, vagina, and butt. The urethral opening is underneath your clitoris and right over your vaginal opening. The urethra interfaces with the urinary bladder, and indeed, you pee from that point. NOT FROM VAGINA

Women reproductive organs

3. Your vagina is your vulva. No, it’s only one piece of it.
The vulva is the outside piece of a female conceptive framework including the clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening, external lips (labia majora), and internal lips (labia minora). Consider vulva as an umbrella term to allude to the female outside genitalia. Vulva isn’t just about your vagina.


4. Tampons lose all sense of direction in your vagina.
It’s normal for tampons to get stuck while their string breaks, or you put in another tampon without eliminating the bygone one, or in any event, when you have intercourse without eliminating the tampon (NOT HEALTHY). Realize that it can turn into somewhat hard to eliminate the tampon, however it most likely can’t get ‘lost’ inside your body. It can go further inside your vagina, yet the vagina is the extent to which it remains. It very well may be pulled out.

Clean up, crouch, put your finger inside, and haul it out. Visit a specialist in the event that you’re not ready to do as such. It’s actual common and nothing to be humiliated about.


5. You don’t require outer items to clean your vagina, it’s self-cleaning.
The vagina purifies itself through releases. Indeed, you don’t have to purchase those costly items, exceptionally popularized vaginal antiperspirants, or choose douching. Actually, they can wreck the pH level of your vagina. In any case, you ought to wash your vulva with plain warm water carefully.

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6. Something is the matter with your body on the off chance that you don’t arrive at a climax during a vaginal intercourse.
Numerous ladies don’t peak exclusively through vaginal intercourse. Thus, you checks out. Typically clitoral excitement does the enchantment for the majority of us.

Vaginal stimulation

7. Your vagina is sans smell. That is false by any means.
Your vagina won’t aroma like your #1 blossom. Sound vaginas have a smell. This is additionally frequently set off through sweat, monthly cycle, or unusual pH levels. This is exceptionally normal and not a clean concern. However, on the off chance that you’re detecting some truly sharp scent coming from down there, you ought to counsel a gynecologist.

Vagina smell

8. You’re not a virgin on the off chance that your hymen is as of now broken.
There are two exceptionally hazardous things to address here. To begin with, virginity is a social develop. It’s inconsequential to the condition of your hymen. Second, the hymen is a sensitive layer covering your vaginal opening. It can without much of a stretch advancement gynecology tests, embedding tampons, hopping, cycling or genuine some other thorough actual work. You don’t have to have a penetrative sex for that.

PS – Some ladies have no hymen by any stretch of the imagination!

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9. Vaginal draining after the primary penetrative sex is an unquestionable requirement.
A few ladies drain. Some don’t actually. It’s different for everyone. Likewise, breaking of hymen isn’t the main justification for why a lady might drain after sex.

Bleeding after sexm

10. You ought to eliminate pubic hair for a sound vagina.
Keeping the shrub or not is your decision. Vagina will clean itself paying little mind to how you decide to keep your pubic hair. You can eliminate them, trim them, or just let them be. It’s exclusively your choice to make. Try not to allow anyone to make you suspect something.

Pubic hair

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