Indian team’s star cricketer Rishabh Pant tweeted for the first time after the accident. Pant has told that his leg operation was successful and the process of return has started. Along with this, he expressed his gratitude for the help of the government, BCCI secretary Jai Shah and BCCI after the accident.

On 30th December, Rishabh Pant was going home. When got into a car accident near Rudhian. After hitting the divider, his speeding car kept sliding for some distance. After this the car caught fire. Pant, however, managed to get out of the vehicle in time, which saved his life.

Pant has tweeted about his condition. Thanks to all the people who helped. Pant tweeted separate messages of support for Rajat Kumar and Nishu Kumar, who saved his life and took him to the hospital after the accident.

Pant wrote, “I cannot thank everyone individually, but I thank both of them. who helped me during the accident and made sure I reached the hospital safely.” Kumar Rajat Thanks, Nishu Kumar.

Rishabh Pant said, “I am grateful and grateful for everyone’s love and wishes.” I am happy to inform you this. My operation went well. Improvement is starting to happen, and I am ready for the difficulties ahead.

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