After the announcement of the Indian team announced against Australia last days, Sarfaraz Khan’s discussion was not decreasing, meanwhile, now his 17-year-old younger brother Musheer Khan made such a blast with the bat that Musheer was on social media. Overshadowed Sarfaraz Khan’s younger brother Musheer Khan scored a triple century for Mumbai against Hyderabad in the Colonel CK Nayudu Trophy (U-25) and fans are talking about him after that.

Along with Sarfaraz Khan, now his younger brother Musheer Khan is also being discussed. Musheer Khan has scored a triple century in the CK Nayudu Trophy to take his team to a big total. Mumbai and Hyderabad are competing in the CK Nayudu Trophy. Where Mumbai batting first scored 704 runs and declared their innings at the loss of 8 wickets. During this, Mushir Khan played a marathon inning of 339 runs.

Mushir Khan, the younger brother of Sarfaraz Khan, who learned cricket under the coaching of his father Naushad, faced 367 balls while playing at the Mumbai Gymkhana Ground, while batting in the ODI format, he scored 339 runs hitting 34 fours and 9 sixes. Their destructive batting was such that the Hyderabad bowlers looked completely ineffective. Mushir’s strike rate during this period was around 93, which is usually seen in ODIs.

Apart from Mushir Khan, Mumbai captain Atharv Vinod scored a double century. He scored 214 runs off 249 balls. During this, 15 fours and 11 sixes came out of his bat. Due to the innings of Mushir and Atharva, Mumbai declared their innings by scoring 704 runs for eight wickets in 138 overs. Apart from Mushir and Atharva, no batsman could reach 50 runs. At the same time, Hyderabad has scored 123 runs for three wickets.

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