Pakistan’s star fast bowler Shaheen Afridi has married former team captain Shahid Afridi’s daughter Ansha in Karachi. Many members of the Pakistan cricket team participated in the marriage ceremony, in which Pakistan captain Babar Azam along with fellow cricketers were also there.

The video of Nikah has gone viral in which Shahid Afridi and Shaheen are sitting. Pakistan Cricket has also posted Shaheen’s picture in which Shahid is congratulating the couple. Pakistan captain Babar Azam was seen hugging Shaheen in the video. At the same time, Sarfaraz Ahmed, who returned to the Test team, was also involved in the marriage. All the players of Pakistan cricket team were wearing traditional clothes.

Let us tell you that Shaheen and Ansha got engaged two years ago. That’s why there was a delay in Shaheen and Ansha’s marriage. Because Afridi wanted his daughter Ansha to finish her studies first.

Now the wait for Shaheen is going to end. However, despite the marriage, Shaheen will not be able to live with his wife for the time being. Geo News quoted family sources as saying that Shaheen and Ansha will sign the marriage contract. But Shahid will not bid farewell to his daughter now. In such a situation, Shaheen will not be able to stay with Ansha without farewell. When will Ansha’s farewell take place? At present, no official information has been received regarding its date or time.

Shaheen’s bride Ansha is a medical student and Shaheen had earlier admitted in an interview that he wanted to marry her. His parents approached Ansha’s family with the proposal and Shahid agreed to the marriage.

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