Deepak Chahar, the star cricketer of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings, is also a familiar face of the Indian team. He has led his team to many victories with his all-round performance. He is currently out of Team India due to fitness and injury related problems, but remains in the limelight. This time he is being discussed because of an off-field incident. Actually Deepak Chahar is being mentioned because of a fraud with his wife Jaya Bhardwaj.

A case of fraud of Rs 10 lakh has come to light with Jaya, the wife of Indian team’s star bowler Deepak Chahar. According to reports, this fraud has been done with him by a former official of the Hyderabad Cricket Association. Deepak Chahar’s father has also filed a case against the former officer. This money was given for a deal, but when the money was asked back, the former official of the Cricket Association abused and even threatened to kill him.

Deepak Chahar’s wife became a victim of fraud

If media reports are to be believed, Deepak’s father Lokendra Chahar has lodged an FIR against Parikh Sports, a Hyderabad-based company, for cheating in Agra’s Hari Parvat police station. Please tell that Parikh Sports had taken Rs 10 lakh from Deepak Chahar’s wife Jaya for a business deal, which the company did not return and now threatened. Dhruv Parikh and Kamlesh Parikh, the owners of this company, are also named in the FIR.

Deepak Chahar’s father Lokendra Chahar told the police that Kamlesh Parikh, father of Dhruv Parikh, owner of Parikh Sports and Shop, has a footwear business. His daughter-in-law Jaya Bhardwaj had made an online legal agreement for partnership in this. 10 lakh rupees were given to the accused on 7 October 2022 through net banking. After this, his intentions got spoiled and he has grabbed the money. The police have been involved in the investigation of the case. Let us tell you that Deepak Chahar married Jaya Bhardwaj on June 1 last year.

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