The year 2019 can be considered very bad for the Indian cricket team. In the same year, Team India was out of the title race after losing to New Zealand in the semi-finals of the ODI World in England. Since then many things have changed in Team India. At the same time, Virat Kohli left the captaincy of Team India and the command of the team has come in the hands of Rohit Sharma. During this time, the news of tussle between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma also made a lot of headlines.

Everyone would like to know whether there was any substance in those rumours. The news of their feud on social media had reportedly strained their relationship a bit. But in the meantime, India’s former fielding coach R Sridhar has made a big disclosure about it in his book. He has told how things went bad between Rohit and Kohli, but before the situation went out of hand, the then head coach Ravi Shastri took charge to bring everything under control.

R Sridhar made big disclosure about Virat and Rohit’s relationship

R Sridhar, former fielding coach of Team India, has written in his book ‘Coaching Beyond’ that, ‘After the 2019 World Cup, a lot of statements were being made about the fact that things are not going well in the dressing room. All this happened after the semi-final played against New Zealand. We had information that there is Rohit camp and Virat camp, and one has unfollowed the other on social media. The situation was getting worse.”

R Sridhar further wrote, “10 days after the World Cup we played the T20 series against the West Indies which took place in the United States. The first thing Ravi Shastri did was he called Virat and Rohit to his room and had a long conversation with them about Indian cricket. Ravi Shastri said, “What happened in social media is all right but you both are the most senior cricketers of the team. You have to stop all this. I want you both to forget all this and make a fresh start.”

R Sridhar also talked about the way head coach Ravi Shastri handled the situation. Once Shastri intervened between Virat and Rohit, both the players had set the reset button. Ravi Shastri was there to handle the situation and he was the only person who could have done that. After Ravi Shastri’s intervention, the relationship between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli improved a bit and both the players began to be happy in the team’s and their own success.

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