These two Indian players were accused of being religious fanatics, the video went viral, Yogi Devnath and Suresh Chavhan were on fire - Scoopwhoops

The first match of the Border Gavaskar Trophy will be held in Nagpur between Team India and Australia from February 9, for which the Indian team has also reached Nagpur yesterday. Both the teams have started preparing fiercely. In such a situation, this video is going viral on social media in which Mohammad Siraj and Umran Malik have clearly refused to apply Tilak. After this video went viral, it is being strongly condemned on social media. All the viewers are accusing him of insulting the religion. Let me tell you that all the fans are angry with Shiraz and Imran Malik.

Why was Tilak applied?

In fact, for the first test, the Indian team has reached the hotel in Nagpur last night. While entering the hotel, the hotel staff were welcoming the players by applying Tilak. In such a situation, Indian players Mohammad Siraj and Umran Malik refused for Tilak. Since then, this video of both the players is becoming viral like a fire on social media.

Are Mohammad Shiraz and Umran Malik being targeted?

Where this video is being taken as violence, some people were seen protesting against it. They believe that Mohammad Siraj and Imran Malik are being targeted. It is being told that Vikram Rathore and Hariprasad did not apply Navy Tilak but Mohammad Siraj and Imran Malik are being targeted because they are Muslims and hence they are being told as opposing religion.

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